I'm Ceph and This is My World

I'm 24. I like Paradox games, Pokemon, The Sims. I like fantasy and scifi shows, movies, YA novels, and comics. I'm a solarpunk socialist. Magic is real, I think. I'm some kind of queer. Memes gud.

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what's a vine you think about a lot?

for me its the "escalERa OHhHhhHh" "AW FUCK YEAH" one

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"Road work ahead? Uh, yeah. I sure hope it does."

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“Hi, my name is Jennifer. Well, I used to be Jennifer, but now my name is Johnnifer and this is my story.”

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'Hey. How you doing, well I'm doing just fine, I lied, I'm dying inside'

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The small child with glitter all over their face while Stay With Me by Sam Smith plays in the background. Alternatively, the chicken in the red dress with Lana del Rey

The Sims Ask Meme!

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  1. What is the first sims game you ever played?
  2. What is the first expansion, game or stuff pack you ever played?
  3. What is your favourite sims game?
  4. What is your least favourite sims game?
  5. What is your favourite expansion, game or stuff pack?
  6. What is your least favourite expansion, game or stuff pack?
  7. What is your favourite world?
  8. What is your least favourite world?
  9. Who is your favourite NPC?
  10. Who is your least favourite NPC?
  11. Who was your first sim?
  12. Who is your latest sim?
  13. Who is your favourite sim?
  14. Have you ever done a sims challenge?
  15. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
  16. Do you prefer babies, toddlers, children, teens, young adults, adults, or elders?
  17. Do you prefer vampires, aliens, or mermaids?
  18. Do you prefer plant sims, or the possessed sims?
  19. Do you prefer creating sims, building homes, or playing with your sims?
  20. What is the most creative way you have killed a sim be honest we have all done it no need to be ashamed.
  21. Do you have any unanswered questions about the sims?
  22. Which career do you like the most?
  23. Post your favourite sims screenshot!
  24. Do you use CC?
  25. How big is your CC folder?
  26. What is your favourite CC?
  27. If you were a sim, what traits would you have?
  28. If you were a sim, what would your aspiration be?
  29. If you were a sim, what world would you live in?
  30. How long have you been playing the sims?

voidarcana -

9. Who is your favourite NPC?

So far? Probably Chastity Stern, in Strangerville. She somehow got my sims key within like, 2 days of knowing her, and now she comes round to eat my leftover burgers and smooch.

10. Who is your least favourite NPC?

That one maid that came to my house, picked up a single plate, moved it to my dining table, charged me 40 bucks and left. Dude needs a better work ethic.

I got a T Rex. Don't sex. We don't expect to my honey. Sorry, I was lighting.

Don't mind me, just turning a mundane interaction with someone that might maybe be perceived as negative into trauma

Maybe it's hubris to think we can comprehend the divine

I appreciate yall spirity blogs who followed me but Im a very bad witch who never does anything magical. I ask the gods or spirits for help sometimes. I havent cast an actual spell on years.

I don't post much on here yet because there's not a lot that interests me to reblog at present, but if you want occasional information about language related topics you can follow my blog gaeilge-gan-eanga-chinn. I'm primarily learning Irish, and Mandarin with traditional characters. But also I'm getting into learning Shavian alphabet for English. I might make actual original posts on there about the politics of language. In particular, the status of minority languages.

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everyone on here trying to make an audience

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Also Ive been rewatching Naruto and I love Guy sensei so much. I used to hate him when I was a kid. He's so positive and dedicated. I want that energy

I'm kinda getting back into magic and shit. Maybe will offer to do a free tarot reading or two on here. I can't promise quality results but eh.

I'm so exhausted. My dinner was tater tots with pepperjack cheese and ketchup. And my sleep is so screwed up again. But I will fix this. Somehow.

greatkingrat -

I see your grandmother who doesn't know how to use the internet and raise you my professor who's too afraid to turn his laptop off for fear he might never get it back on again.

perish asked:

actually, drinking your too much milk actually makes your bones weak ! i know this, im a biochemist. also, milk tase bad

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 -

i knew it! milk bad!! thank you or your expertise

cephs-world -

But I have dranked milk almost every day, and I havr never brokt a bone 🤔

jesrosewater -

where's that post everyone keeps repouring about the rare word asks or whatever. fuck it i can't find it. ask me shit like this:

chungus - what's your favorite food

murdoc - what's something you've done that should've been a crime but wasn't

unicorn - something you liked as a kid that you want to rediscover the love for

sminson - fun childhood story

poggers - most recent awesome thing you did

meechee - most memorable thing that happened last year

lamp - what's a project that you were working on at some point (be it when you were 5 years old or 50) that will never see the light of day

undertale - are you religious, if so explain as much as you're comfortable explaining

tomato - asker lists a movie, answerer says their opinion on that movie

thanos - three things that just irritate you

miku - what's your social security number

cosmicaces -

forbidden fruity pebbles

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 -

there's edible versions but they look exactly the same n it makes for weird party moments when you put a bunch of rocks in your mouth

But could Waterfall ever do


existence -

Seriously, now that I am using Waterfall my Tumblr's just falling apart. 🤔

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trans rights are human rights

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I really wanna try playing Smash online for the first time, but it's 2AM and I need to sleep but I wanna play smash uuggghhhhhh and also splatoon UUUGGGGHHH

Arthur Said Gay Rats

I'm not even sure if I want to import from Tumblr if they impliment that feature tbh. So much embarrassing stuff on there. Anymore, I'm just in it for the memes.